Read What Our Client's Are Saying:

“Before: I came to work with a horrible migraine, told Dr. Duncan I really need an adjustment. Once he gave me one, my headache was gone as soon as I got up from the table.
After: Wonderful, no more headaches.”
-Ryan L.

“Before: Severe knee pain affected my walk- had trouble climbing stairs.
After: After the adjustment period, No Pain whatsoever able to walk and climb stairs normally.”
-Janice W.

“Before: When I came in to see Dr. Duncan, I was taking pain pills every 4 hours, I had pains in my neck and shoulder. I could not turn my head to the left, the pain was at a level 10. The pain would not let me sleep at night.
After: Thank you Dr. Duncan! I am off pain pills, I can turn my neck, and I can sleep at night. I never thought this could happen after years of neck and shoulder pain. Thank you again Dr. Duncan, I feel Great!”
-Carrie D.

“Before: I had chronic pain from my sternum/ chest for the past 23 years from an old softball injury. I tried a few standard medical therapy treatments but they did not help to resolve the underlying issue or chronic pain. So I was totally amazed when my chronic sternum/chest pain was gone after a few adjustments targeted to that specific area. It has been almost 4 months now and I am still pain free! Woo Hoo! Thank You Dr. Duncan, and the awesome staff!”
-Laura G.

“Before: I was in horrible pain on the left side from my upper hip a lot the way down my leg. I was losing sleep, cranky and was in pain all day, every day. It was to the point where I thought something medically was wrong.
After: I feel brand new! After 2 treatments my pain subsided and after 4 was completely gone. I have more energy and feel healthier. Dr. Duncan is really very good. He really knows what he is doing. Thank You!”
-Elizabeth B.

“Before: I had trouble sleeping at night. Standing straight took effort. Could barely even go to the gym or walk.
After: I walk straight for extended periods of time, and I am getting better after each treatment. I sleep wonderfully, which makes my quality of life better. And I can go back to the gym.”
-David S.

“Before: Stiffness and pain was extreme in the right side of my neck, middle and lower back pain, constant daily headaches, tingling and numbness in right arm and leg, sleeplessness from pain in neck, not able to turn my neck from side to side, dizziness, blurring vision.
After: After my first treatment with Dr. Duncan I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in 6 months, I can turn my head from side to side, and I’m able to move around much better. I know with continued care that it is going to improve even more. Dr. Mukeku is kind, professional, and committed to the care and needs of his patients.”
-Hertha W.

“Before: Horrific sinus headache for 2 days. My sleep was interrupted with the painful headache. I had to get out of bed and put an Ice compress on my forehead which gave temporary relief. After: One visit for chiropractic to alleviate my sinus condition. The results were dramatic. No headache pain returned after my adjustment. Many, many thanks to Dr. Duncan.”
-Melva R.

“Before: I had severe headaches and menstrual cramps which directly affected my mid and lower back for years I took medications that were said to help with the pain but it eventually would come back. It hurt to stand sometimes after sitting for long periods of time.
After: I try to see Dr. Duncan at least once a week, my headaches have subsided and my menstrual cramps aren’t as bad, I have completely stopped taking medications. He explains to you where your pain is and how that is directly linked to your spine/problem area. Once you see him after those first 2 visits you really do notice the difference. You have to stick to the plan that he gives you to follow! That is the best thing you can do for him to help you! Thanks Doc!”
-Amanda C.

“Before: I came in experiencing severe headaches and neck pain. I also suffered from insomnia every night. In the morning I would get up feeling drained and tired.
After: 3 days after treatment, I am well rested, headache free and full of energy and vitality.”
-Lendolph E.